Petite Productions Agency

 At Petite Productions our task is to find fun and worthwhile opportunities across all entertainment platforms including Stage, TV,   Film, Commercials & Radio for our performers who choose to become members of our Talent Agency.However, it must be clearly   understood that no responsible agency can ever guarantee to find work for any actor, adult or child, it is our aim to give a healthy   environment & enjoyable experience to our clients.

 Agency Requirements:


 Each child is required to have a Spotlight profile under Petite Productions agency.

 Spotlight is a platform which features profiles for young performers from the UK's leading agencies and theatre schools. It is the UK's   definitive platform of performers aged 4-25 and the best way for any young performer to promote to casting opportunities. Access to   Spotlight's online platform (where your child’s professional profile will appear) is only available to vetted industry professionals.Only   Petite Productions agency in liaison with you, can decide when it is appropriate to give out, or use, a viewing link to their professional   profile.

 Children must attend Petite Productions classes or receive private tuition to be considered for representation.

 Children have to be 4 years old to join spotlight.

 Children will need to have Performer Head Shots.

These Head shots will be organised by our agency for a small fee. 

 Young performers must understand the commitment it takes to prepare for auditions.           Children may also be asked to film audition tapes, this will be facilitated by our teachers

 Young performers will be required to have sole representation with Petite Productions Agency.

 (Here you will find our Child Performer Safeguarding Statement)

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