Sophie Glibbery

Founder and teacher

"As the creator of Petite Productions I am very proud to have such an amazing opportunity to wake up and work with children who make me smile and laugh everyday. For six years, after graduating with a Musical Theatre degree, I have been privileged to experience teaching all ages from babies to 18 year old's the art of performing.


My love for theatre joined with my love for children has given me the drive to establish my business. To play, imagine and interact with developing Actors, singers and dancers and to create amazing pieces of theatre. The memories and love for the arts of our future performers, directors, musicians and creatives makes all the hard work worth it.


I look forward to every session as a workshop leader for our Petite Performers, a Fun and energetic teacher for our Petite Play classes, an enthusiastic  coach for our Petite Private lessons and a creator of fun adventures for our Petite Parties.

I hope that your children have a fulfilled experience with myself and I look forward to meeting them."